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8-Port LED Unmanaged 2.5 Gigabit Switch With Store And Forward Power Supply 100-240VAC 2.5 G Speed

Place of Origin Shenzhen,China
Brand Name Sirivision
Certification CE, ROHS, FCC, UKCA
Model Number SR-S25G1210FP
Minimum Order Quantity 20
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details 1pc in box, 1pc Warranty Card in box
Delivery Time 5-8 work days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 50000pcs Per Month

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Product Details
Switch Architecture Store-and-Forward LED Indicators Power, Link/Act
MAC Address Table 16K Product Name Unmanaged 2.5 Gigabit Switch
Network Media 10BASE-T: UTP Category 3, 4, 5 Cable (Max 100m), EIA/TIA-586 100-ohm STP (Max 100m), 100BASE-TX: UTP Category 5, 5e Cable (Max 100m), EIA/TIA-568 100-ohm STP (Max 100m), 1000BASE-T: UTP Category 5, 5e, 6 Cable (Max 100m) Number Of Ports 8 X 10/100/1000/2500Mbps RJ45 Ports, 2 X 10G SFP+ Slots
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
High Light

Store And Forward 2.5 Gigabit Switch


Unmanaged 2.5 Gigabit Switch


8-Port 2.5 Gigabit Switch

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Product Description

Product Description:

The 2.5 Gigabit Switch is a cutting-edge network switch designed to provide an efficient and powerful networking solution for modern businesses and home users. This advanced switch boasts a substantial switching capacity of 80Gbps , which ensures a smooth and reliable data transfer even under heavy network loads, making it an ideal choice for environments that require high bandwidth and uninterrupted data flow.


At the heart of the 2.5 Gigabit Switch is its compatibility with numerous network protocols, including IEEE 802.3 (Standard Ethernet), IEEE 802.3u (Fast Ethernet), IEEE 802.3ab (Gigabit Ethernet over twisted pair), IEEE 802.3x (Flow Control for Full-Duplex modes), and IEEE 802.3az (Energy-Efficient Ethernet). This adherence to industry standards ensures that the switch integrates seamlessly into a variety of networking environments and is compatible with a wide range of devices.


An essential feature of this switch is its support for Jumbo Frames , with a capacity of up to 12KB . This enables the switch to handle larger packets of data, which reduces the number of packets traveling through the network. Consequently, there is a decrease in CPU load on network devices, improved throughput, and a better overall network performance, especially in situations that involve transferring large files or streaming high-resolution video content.


The 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Switch is also equipped with intuitive LED Indicators for Power and Link/Activity (Link/Act). These indicators provide an immediate visual status of the network and power supply, making it easy for users to monitor the switch's performance and quickly troubleshoot any connection issues. The Link/Act LED indicates whether there is a connection on each port and whether data is actively being transferred, which is particularly useful for network administrators when monitoring network activity.


For environments that require Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, or wireless access points, a 2.5 G PoE Switch variant of the product may also be available. This PoE feature simplifies network installations by allowing both power and data to be carried over a single Ethernet cable to each device. This reduces the need for additional power outlets and electrical wiring, saving on installation costs and improving the flexibility of device placement.


The inclusion of the 2.5 G PoE Switch functionality is particularly advantageous for businesses and organizations looking to deploy a modern network infrastructure with minimal complexity. It enables easy expansion of networks by providing a quick and cost-effective solution for powering PoE-compatible devices, without the need for additional power infrastructure. The switch's high power budget ensures that even high-power devices can be supported effectively.


To conclude, the 2.5 Gigabit Switch embodies a perfect blend of performance, efficiency, and convenience. Its robust switching capacity, standard compliance, support for Jumbo Frames, and clear LED indicators make it a top-tier choice for anyone in need of a high-speed networking solution. Whether you choose a standard model or a PoE variant, this switch is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern network environments while delivering fast, stable, and efficient network connectivity.



  • Product Name: 2.5 Gigabit Switch
  • Ports: 8 x 10/100/1000/2500Mbps RJ45 ports, 2 x 10G SFP+ slots
  • Jumbo Frame: 12KB
  • Dimensions: 271 X 182 X 45 mm
  • 2.5G PoE Switch Capability
  • High-Speed 2.5G Ethernet Switch Performance

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Product Name 2.5 Unmanaged Gigabit Switch
Operating Temperature 0°C~45°C (32°F~113°F)
Switch Architecture Store-and-Forward
LED Indicators 8 x 10/100/1000/2500M link/act indicators, 8 x 2.5G electrical port link indicators, power
Switching Capacity 80Gbps
Jumbo Frame 12KB
Data Transfer Rate 2.5Gbps
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Network Protocols IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3ab/802.3bz/802.3x/802.3cb/802.3z/802.3at/802.3af
Ports 8 x 10/100/1000/2500Mbps RJ45 ports, 2 x 10G SFP+ slots
Network Media (Cable) 10Base-T: UTP category 3, 4, 5 cable (maximum 100m) 100Base-Tx: UTP category 5, 5e cable (maximum 100m) 1000Base-T: UTP category 5e, 6 cable (maximum 100m) 2.5GBase-T: UTP category 5e, 6 cable (maximum 100m) 1000BASE-SX: 62.5um MMF (minimum range: 2 meters to 275 meters) or 50um MMF (Minimum range: 2 meters to 550 meters) 1000BASE-LX: 62.5um/50um MMF (min. range: 2m~550m) or 9um SMF (Minimum range: 2m~5000m) 10GBASE-SR: OM1/OM2/OM3 or above MMF (Operating range: 2m ~ 300m) 10GBASE-LR: IEC's B1.1 and B1.3 SMF (minimum range: 2m ~ 10,000m)
Dimensions 271*182*45 mm
PoE port 8 802.3at/af standard POE
PoE Pin Definition 1/2(+),3/6(-)
PoE power 130W
Total power 150W
MAC Address Table 16K
Packet Forwarding Rate 59.52Mpps
Packet Buffer 12Mbit
Jumbo Frame 12KBytes
Environment Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~45℃ Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~70℃ (-40℉ ~158℉) Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing Storage Humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing




The Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch, hailing from the technological hub of Shenzhen, China, is an exemplary model of modern networking equipment, designed to cater to the increasing demand for high-speed data transfer and efficient network management. This robust switch is equipped with 10 ports and supports network protocols such as IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3x, and IEEE 802.3z, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network devices and adherence to global networking standards.


With its impressive data transfer rate of 2.5Gbps and a switching capacity of 80Gbps, the Sirivision 2.5 gb ethernet switch is ideally suited for scenarios where high-bandwidth and low-latency are crucial. This includes applications such as high-definition video streaming, online gaming, and real-time data analytics, where the swift movement of large volumes of data is essential. The 2.5 gb managed switch enables network administrators to monitor and control the network traffic with precision, ensuring optimal performance and security.


The 2.5 g switch from Sirivision is designed to perform reliably in a variety of environments, operating within a temperature range of 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F). This makes it suitable for deployment in data centers, small and medium-sized business offices, and educational institutions where the temperature can be controlled and maintained within the specified range for the best performance.


Application occasions for the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch extend beyond traditional office settings. It can be employed in smart home installations where multiple devices require fast and reliable network connections, such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and home automation systems. Additionally, due to its high-speed capabilities, it is well-suited for use in research facilities and laboratories where large data sets are frequently transferred and analyzed.


In summary, the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch offers a versatile solution to meet the demands of various high-speed networking scenarios. Its combination of efficiency, control, and high data transfer rates makes it an indispensable tool for businesses, tech enthusiasts, and professionals who require a stable and fast network to support their demanding applications.

8-Port LED Unmanaged 2.5 Gigabit Switch With Store And Forward Power Supply 100-240VAC 2.5 G Speed 0


Product Name: Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch

Brand Name: Sirivision

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Network Protocols Supported: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3z

Number of Ports: 10

Data Transfer Rate: 2.5Gbps

Experience high-speed networking with Sirivision's 2.5G Ethernet Switch, designed for optimal performance and efficiency. This 10-port 2.5GB PoE Switch is perfect for environments requiring reliable and fast data transfer. Utilizing the latest network protocols, the Sirivision 2.5G PoE Switch ensures seamless integration and operation in any network infrastructure.



Q1: What is the data transfer speed of the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch?

A1: The Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch is designed to support data transfer speeds up to 2.5 Gbps per port, allowing for high-speed connectivity and efficient network traffic management.

Q2: How many ports does the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch have?

A2: The number of ports on the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch can vary depending on the specific model. Please refer to the product specifications or contact us directly for information on the model you're interested in.

Q3: Is the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch suitable for home and office use?

A3: Yes, the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch is versatile and suitable for both home and office environments. Its high-speed connectivity makes it ideal for handling multiple devices and data-intensive applications.

Q4: Can the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch be rack-mounted?

A4: Rack-mounting capability depends on the specific model of the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch. Some models come with rack-mountable hardware, while others are designed for desktop use. Please check the product details for more information.

Q5: What is the place of origin for the Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch?

A5: The Sirivision 2.5 Gigabit Switch is manufactured in Shenzhen, China, known for its high-quality electronics production and technological innovation.